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Saluting the Taj Mahal
Delhi Rickshaw Shutterbug
The packing is a little more strategic when you have to account for all of the baby gear but we made
Feeling  glamorous in #laos
Today at the Sharjah Art Museum I pointed out every painting and she pointed out every light! We bot
Yeehaw camel style
Nicole and I saluting #YulongRiver after a beautiful ride on a bamboo raft #travelchina
Breathtaking Borobudur! I thoroughly enjoyed this temple and our extremely knowledgable guide
henna, head-scarf, happy
Sitting upon the thrown
Playing in caves.jpg.jpg
Goodbye #Sadhaba we will miss you. The meditation, yoga and well-being food were exactly what we nee
On the road again.jpg.jpg
A beautiful day exploring Macao with my favourite people. Mad props to the friendly stranger who too
Happy selfies with the lovely LB!
Yup, I'm this lame!
Another great day at the beach! #beautifulbali #indonesia
From sunrise to sunset we had an amazing day exploring #inlelake #longtailboat #watertaxi #kidtrippe
#elephanttrek #laos
My girl and I wearing fresh flowers in our hair, enjoying a delicious bowl of noodles. Life is good
Maid of the Mist #niagarafalls
Picking fruit
Killing time with a shameless selfie #viewfromthebus #nepal
#unintentionalselfie #viewfromthebus #nepal

I caught the travel bug at 22 and I have had itchy feet ever since.  When I am traveling I am the most alive, so I am extremely lucky to be married to a  man with the same zest for adventure. Together we have flown around the world twice, lived in five countries and traveled to a countless number of places. Our sweet daughter, has been a beautiful addition to our traveling band and just like her parents she loves to strap on a backpack and go somewhere new.

Wanderlust Photography

HK Party Bus
Bamboo Scaffolding
Modern Renaissance
Rickshaw Driver #india
Taj Mahal at Sunrise #india
The Castle Beyond The Clouds
It is impossible to drive by this spot and not take a picture
The majesty that is The Dragons Backbone Rice Terraces
We walked by a ukelele shop, how could we not stop
Dads and daughters and mountains and rice terraces
The beautiful view from my parents' home.
Making friends and posing for pictures
Monks and the Mekong
A Scene on Inle Lake
Bamboo rafts and popcorn mountains, a sight to behold from afloat the YulongRiver
After visiting the Le Shan Giant Buddha we walked along this beautiful river valley
Sunrise in Cappidocia
So beautiful, so peaceful, so tranquil..
My handsome husband, holding our sleeping baby, at the top of the city
Chillin' down by the river
This impressive 71 metre tall, 1200 year old stone statue is the largest Buddha statue in the world
Full confession I like these boats for the bumper-tires and this photo for the value range
Cappidocia-Simply magical
Reflective Scenery
The sun setting over a rice field
Colourful fishermen taking a break
Admiring her new squeaky bunny from the market #inlelake
Cutest attacker ever
#muaythai #fans #thailand
Just another magnificent piece of ancient public art..
My beautiful girl smiling at her wonderful dad at #sulepagoda #elliewren #kidtripper
Taking in Buddha at ShwedagonPagoda
ahhh... breathe... there are few sights more calming
A true flower child
Cow with flair
Tree v Temple #cambodia
A living statue!
#Himalayas #monkeys #india
Home for the next four days
Nature is so powerful! #cambodia
The Grand Mosque
Waiting for a bus
The trees are heavy with delicious dates! #timetoharvest #uae #abudhabi #mmm
View from the Burj Khalifa, tallest building, tower, man-made structure in the world
The view was stunning 😍#Lisbon #Portugal
A #gang of #street_toughs we meet #onroute to the KuangSi water fall
#view from the Palm #JBR #jumeirah
#Paradise #Goa #India
My beautiful #cafeview #Dubai
Walking across a v-e-r-y old suspension bridge
Too cute to not photograph
More of amazing #Petra!
Mark making friends #onroute to the KuangSi water fall
F1 spectators
Behind this grand sculpture of Pope Urban VIII is a larger than life painting depicting 'The Rape of
Fes caps fresh off the presses!
Enjoying some shisha in front of the Blue Mosque after another amazing day in Turkey! #turkey #bluem
#SPLASH we made it! #kuangsi_waterfall #luangprabang #laos
#mail #bangkok #otherplaces
It is just silly how beautiful this view is..
#VintageAlberta #sweethomealberta
Such a strange-beautiful landscape #wadishab #oman
Best way to experience #Varanasi, an early morning boat ride
#roadkill we encountered on the way to #KuangSi_Waterfall #luangprabang #laos
The animal whisperer
Coach & Cardboard—The stark contrast of this scene demanded a photograph
Oh the kimonos, they are just too beautiful 😻
Free Hug! How could we pass that up_! _teachermonkey #tokyo #freehugs
#Tokyo crossing
Pretty ladies in kimonos posing on majestic bridge being admired by a little girl and photographed b
City of angels..
I never tire of monkeys! #bali #indonesia
At the top of Borobudur, we have reached Nirvana! This Buddhas hand gesture denotes 'teaching'
Mark taking in a story intricately carved into stone
The breathtakingly beautiful #watertemple #bali #indonesia
#baliproblems #surfboardmaintenance
Majestic rice paddies..
There are just so many pretty places here
Bright and busy, what a city! #nepal #kathmandu
Cohabitation #urbanwildlife #kathmandu
Came across this beautiful bride today
Happy, mossy stone guard
Kids playing tag in #DurbarSquare #kathmandu #nepal
This adorable little princess happily took a pause from her game of dress up to pose
My view right now! We arrived in Bali last night and fell asleep to the amazing sound of rolling wav
Prambanan, a stunning Hindu temple built in the 10th century
Hang on little monkey
Monkey watching, people watching
A snapshot of the 108 Buddha statues in meditation pose
Stone guard holding an offering #indonesia #bali
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