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Today some of my grade 2 artists were invited to participate in a tie dye workshop, this is a glimps
Concrete Play-Sculpting With Gears
Kinetic Art-making background
Kinetic Art-making gears
Conceptual Play-Digital Art
Loom weaving with my talented twos
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When it rains it pours!!! 2 envelopes of Artist Trading Cards arrived today! Thank you Barb and Erin
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Annnnd our 2030 Shenzhen City Metro map is almost complete! #msjensartroom #grade3art #collaborative
Wendy Creating Her Felted Panel
Essential Agreement
Clay Sculpting
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Middle School Student Art Showcase Featuring artwork by MYP artists grade 6, 7, 8

Mixed Media Digital Collage
Mixed Media Digital Collage
Mixed Media Digital Collage
Mixed Media Digital Collage
Site Painting
Conceptual Balance Collage
Conceptual Balance Collage (Wet&Dry)
Mixed Media Digital Collage
Field Studies Mural in Indonesia
Futurism Drawing
Creative Figure Study Composition
Figure Study: Action Figures
Creative Figure Study Compositions
Contour Drawing: hand Studies

Primary School Student Art Showcase Featuring artwork by PYP artists KG to grade 5

Common Humanity
Hybrid Animals! #grade3art #msjensartroom #yearendexhibition
I’m so happy to showcase the artwork of my talented 2s, to accompany their Unit Production_ One Worl
These beautiful weavings made out of reworked paintings, yarn and feathers are candy for the eye
Picture Characters! #msjensartroom #grade2art #yearendexhibition
Picture Characters-- my grade 2 artists have been exploring the tradition of 'Picture Characters' in
These kinetic artworks were such a great way to explore simple machines! #grade2art #msjensartroom #
A snip of the Grade 2 Production background
My World Project
Futurism Drawing
Charcoal Portraits
Eric Carl Door Decoration
Collaborative Assemblage
Collaborative Assemblage
Clay Rocks: Organic Form Sculptures
Clay Rocks: Tertiary Colour
Clay Rocks: Felted
Felted Geodes & Clay Rocks
Felted Geodes & Clay Rocks
Egyptian Scarabs
Collage Creation
Modigliani Style Portraits
Chuck Close Style Portraits
Benjamin Shine Style Portraits
Profile Companions
Picasso Dogs
Inspiration Dot Insects
Inspiration Dot Insects
Drawing With Scissors Collages
Sssnakes: Physical Overlapping
Ink MOnSters
Ink MOnSter
Ink MOnSter
Sea Creatures
Warm Colours Desert Sunset
Symmetrical Design
Wolf Masks
My Matisse